The future in the feeding bowl

The careful use of our limited resources and preserving a stable environment are also important to us. Since the company's formation, we have been constantly improving its environmental footprint and investing in sustainability - in cutting-edge technologies, our manufacturing processes and our packaging. We refuse to stop moving forward so that we can help create a world we believe in, namely a good future for humans and animals. 

Regional production

Whether wet or dry food: We exclusively manufacture our products in Austria. We adhere to the strict national and European guidelines - and we do so out of principle. This is the only way we can meet the highest standards we set for ourselves. Local production also ensures shorter transport routes.


Recyclable packaging

Sustainability is not just a concern for us with what goes into our products, but also with its packaging. That's why our cans and bags are 100% recyclable and the labels and outer packaging for transport are also made from recycled cardboard. 


CO2-neutral delivery 

When you order CAT'S LOVE products, you can be sure that the transport is CO2 neutral. For your footprint and ours.


No to genetic engineering

Of course, those who lead sustainable lives also avoid genetically modified ingredients. This is in line with the Austrian Food Act, which we consistently adhere to. 


ClimatePartner from the start

We are not yet at zero CO2 emissions, but it is our declared goal. To offset our emissions, we are taking important steps in the area of sustainability and are constantly working towards becoming CO2 neutral.